Common Questions

  • What is Best Video Downloader?

    Best Video Downloader is the fastest, easiest and most reliable free YouTube downloader. It delivers the highest sound and video quality available with M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLV and HD formats! Best Video Downloader’s single-click, non-intrusive, direct download button works directly within the YouTube page! Best Video Downloader is a feature of Yontoo, an ad-supported software platform that enables a suite of browser tools including search, text references, video, social media, website reviews, and comparison shopping.

  • Is Best Video Downloader Safe?

    We are certified as secure and spyware-free by Download.com, Norton and McAfee. Please visit these sites for further details.

  • What browsers does Best Video Downloader work on?

    Best Video Downloader is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

  • Do you track my information?

    Certain information may be collected and shared for ad relevance and other purposes. Please review the privacy policy and terms of use before installing.

  • What does "ad supported" mean?

    Best Video Downloader and Yontoo are free to use and supported by advertising. This means that display advertising will appear in your browser in addition to software features. Offers for additional software products may also be presented during the installation process. These product offers are optional and you do not have to accept them to continue installing.

  • What is Yontoo? Why do I need Yontoo to use Best Video Downloader?

    Best Video Downloader is a feature of Yontoo, a software platform that enables a suite of browser tools. Other features include search, text references, social media, website reviews, and comparison shopping tools. Best Video Downloader and Yontoo are not affiliated with or endorsed by any underlying websites, including YouTube. Features and ads may be disabled individually, or removed entirely by uninstalling the software. See Installing, Disabling and Uninstalling below for further details.

How It Works

  • I installed Best Video Downloader, now what do I do?

    Once it is installed, go to YouTube and you should see the "Download" button below the YouTube video you are watching. Click on the download button and a drop down menu will appear with format options. Select which format you prefer and the download will begin automatically.

  • How do I save the files I downloaded on my computer?

    To save the songs you've downloaded, you can drag them to a folder of your choice or desktop. Once you've saved them, you can add them to the media player of your choice.

    You can change the folder you want the downloads to be saved in. Below are the instructions on how to choose a folder of your choice. If you do not specify a location, files are saved by default to the following folder: C:\Users\[user name]\Downloads.

    Internet Explorer:

    1. Go to Tools located on the top right corner of the browser (the third icon from the left that looks like a gear/screw)
    2. Select “View Downloads”
    3. Select “options”
    4. Then select “browse”
    5. Choose the location where you want to say your downloads
    6. Hit the “Select Folder” button

    For Firefox:

    1. Go to the Menu Bar
    2. Select Tools
    3. Options
    4. General Tab
    5. There should be a Downloads section with a radio button marked next to “Save files to.”
    6. Click the “Browse...” button
    7. Select your desired folder location
    8. Click “Ok.'”

    For Google Chrome:

    1. Click on the wrench icon at the far right hand corner of your browser
    2. Click on “Settings”
    3. Navigate to the “Under the Hood” tab
    4. Locate the Downloads section which should contain a Download location file path
    5. Click the “Change...” button
    6. Select your desired folder location
    7. Click “Ok.”

  • How do I add the files I’ve downloaded to iTunes?

    1. Open iTunes
    2. Click on the File menu, choose one of the following choices:
    • On Mac
    • Add to Library
    • On Windows
    • Add File to Library
    • Add Folder to Library
    3. Find and select the file or folder you want to add to your iTunes library
    4. That’s it!

Installing, Disabling and Uninstalling

  • How do I install Best Video Downloader?

    Go to the Free Download page, download the installer, then follow the instructions based on your Browser and Operating System.

  • How do I disable Best Video Downloader?

    Go to the Settings page Find Best Video Downloader and click on the blue “On” button to turn it off. Once Best Video Downloader is disabled, the button will say “OFF” and the button will turn gray. After you have disabled Best Video Downloader, restart your computer.

  • How do I uninstall the software?

    You may uninstall Yontoo and all affiliated features, including MySuperCheap, at any time by following the procedures below:

    Windows - To uninstall from any of the supported browsers on Windows, go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove (or Programs & Features in Vista/Windows 7) and click Remove next to Yontoo.

    Mac - To uninstall from Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome on a Mac, go to Tools > Add-ons in the top menu. Select the Yontoo logo and click Uninstall.

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