What formats can I download?

Audio Formats

M4A: CD sound quality at a fraction of the size. Perfect for all portable devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

AAC: The standard Apple format compatible with all Mac OS and iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod and Macbooks.

MP3 (128K): The most popular and widely supported MP3 file format.

MP3 (64K): Smaller file size and lower quality MP3 perfect for podcasts.

Image Formats

Album Cover Art: Quickly create 480x360 pixel JPG (JPEG) images to make your music library more visually appealing.

Video Formats (with Audio)

MP4 1080P (HD): Full 1920x1080 widescreen HD resolution perfect for your big screen TV.

MP4 720P (HD): Standard 1280x720 HD resolution perfect for tablets, laptops and desktops.

MP4 360P: 640x360 resolution for standard definition (non HD) devices with a much smaller file size.

FLV 480P: 640x480 pixel Flash Video Format best for movies on a tablet or similar large mobile device.

FLV 360P: 640x360 pixel Flash Video Format great for blogs and most mobile devices.

FLV 240P: 320x240 pixel Flash Video Format aimed at mobile devices and mobile websites.